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I am a printmaker. My main body of work includes etchings, woodcuts, linocuts, collagraphs and monotypes. Another Celebrated Dancing Bear is illustrated with etchings. Look At The Moon is illustrated with collagraphs.

I began making collagraphs in Mexico. Metal plates are hard to come by and expensive in Mexico. Collagraphs are also healthier to make and more portable. My first book using collagraphs was Only One by Marc Harshman.

As a child I loved to pour over the illustrations and even now the memory of the exciting moment I realized that I was actually reading the words after hearing the story and devouring every detail of the illustrations. It was The Pied Piper Of Hamlyn.

I have always loved small details and Persian and Indian miniature art has always intrigued me. The first book I illustrated was The Sultan's Perfect Tree by Jane Yolen. I always like to include small surprises that adults often miss but children enjoy finding!

Every book brings new challenges. I particularly like the research. The next challenge is finding a way to translate my rough sketches into a medium concerned with shapes and textures. It is always exciting to see the first print pulled from the plate and then to play around with the additional colors.

Maybe what I enjoy the most is seeing the book finished!


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